assalamualaikum :)
heyy now was at 7.40 am
im not sleeping. i just cant sleep act.
hmm, so im watching drama marathon! haha
drama #kisahcinta
aku kurang interested dgn drama. but not this drama! i like it.
lagipun die ade 8 episod jea, if im not mistaken.
its about love and fate!
anddd im thinking about something.
wht is the different between
cinta yang tak ditunjuk and tak cinta pun sbnrnye?
hmm, i not find the different yet sbb well hidup ni takdir yang tentukan kan?
so, aku xblh nk komen yg laki tuh
cinta tapi tak tunjuk or laki tuh sbnrnye tak cinta pun
hmmm, its very a best drama for me
im enjoy watching it. and im not wasting my time finally.
so, anyone can let me know wht is the different between
love tht not show and there is no love act?

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